Scion: Times Like These

I met my mom today

The rest of the day sucked

Dear Journal

So today started off normal. I worked at  the shop nothing really crazy to report jus tthe usual repairs and shooting the shit with the techs, and then Tom called to see if I could pick up a a shift at  the bar.  So you know me.. try to keep busy I say yes.  

My new favorite regular Ormarr shows up.  Turns out Mr. White Linen night is a music manager… well that's what he said but now i think otherwise… we'll get to that.  Anyway we start talking and i finally manage to give him my number.  Things were going good too i thought we were going to go out, that is until close this Blonde Schoolgirl and Creole Woman come in.  The schoolgirl said she was looking for her Daddy and show me a picture of Ormarr who was taking a call in the bathroom. So i ask them to stay there and ask Ormarr about it but then they pull guns and hold up the bar!!!

I'm not entirely sure what happened next except that Ormarr's friend Skale shows up and a fire fight broke out. I got shot in the thigh!!! i tried to call the police.. i can't remember if I got thru but the next bit is a blur.

I remember coming too tied up in a warehouse with Skale and the Creole woman saying that she had made a deal with my mom to get me.  MY MOM!  Skale ket saying things to make it worse and then before i knew it there was this Guy in a suit giving over a briefcase and carrying me to a limo.  He would have been cute had i not been so scared out of my mind and he weren't such a raging ass hole!  He told me he would take me home but he took me… somewhere else.

At this point i was pretty done and had been crying for like three hours straight.  He kept insisting that i needed to see my mom or something, and despite the fact i was begging him to just take me home this jackoff put me in a bag and carried me off.  I heard a voice.. i guess it was mom, tell him to put me down. the moment i was out of the bag I slapped him as hard as I could. He seemed amused by it all.

Thankfully he left and that's when i finally got to meet her.  My  Mom or as i found out… the Goddess Frejya!  I told her everything I had been holding in for the last three years, and after that was done i hugged her.  She was so pretty and being in her arms was just like when dad would hug me. She told me all about being her daughter and being well.. not quite a Demi-goddess but on that road.

We ate and visited.. she gave me this gorgeous dress and asked me what i wanted to do with my power.  I told her i wanted to be just like her, A Valkriye.  i know.. me a valkryie, i have trouble with the electric can opener but that was before!  

She gave me a rune so i could return as often as I wanted too and her number to call her and sent me alone with Shadow (she wanted Ivar to take me back but i didn't want to go with that jerk)  I go to see what it was like driving on the Bi-frost on Shadow's Motorcycle!  is was so awesome!  Shadows dropped me off at home and asked me to smooth over the stuff at the bar, so I'm heading out to deal with that.

I haven't even slept but oddly I'm not even the slightest bit tired.  I think I also got hotter.. I'll will check that out more when i have the time.




mimsymoore fadedsaint

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