Scion: Times Like These

I'm Going to England!

talk about insanity

So, i went to go see Tom at  The Velvet Lounge. the place was really really shot up and those bitches left a fucking voodoo doll behind that looked like Ormarr. I told Tom I'd be taking some time off he said that's fine, he's hoping insurance will get things fixed.

I drive home and guess who's waiting?  Fucking IvarMom sent him to drop off a present which was a baby Valkryie mount!!! a huge wolf cub who is so sweet and adorible. I named him Sparky. so i decided to give Ivar a second chance and offered him coffee and talked with him. he really is just a vile and miserable person. the moment i mentioned Skale he had nothing nice to say so I told him he could leave.  then he started acting like a complete douche told me i could find Ormarr at his band's sold out concert, and gave me a ticket but said next time I'll have to ask nice.  

so I called mom and told him to stop sending him and that's when i found out about the edda. I don't give a fuck what prophecy says I'm going to fall in love, Ivar would have to change dramatically for that to even be a possibility. He talks down to me and acts as if It will happen regardless of how much of a dick he will act. I'd rather be heart broken.

So then Skale showed up looking for a place to stay. so Of course i let him, but you know.. make him do chores.  No lay abouts in dad's house. He was good about it… but then as we're talking he just straights offers to comfort me in bed.  so yeah he blew that chance.

But then I tell him about the concert so he gets himself a ticket and i go with him to meet his Ex and lead singer of Busy Subconscious.  So that's when i meet Adera and Moira. Long story short I tell them about the what happened and they work on making a truce… Well Adera handled the truce. Moira slept with me… or lord she was all curves and muscles and red hair and accents… melt me right now.

So i take her to band practice the next day and then go run errands with Skale and Sparky. We came across The Blonde Schoolgirl she didn't seem to recognize me so i didn't push it.  So we go home and that's when Ingrid shows up looking for her brother Ormarr. Also i found out after visiting mom she's suppose get me my weapons.  she says it's because It's in England but she seems like a Lay about.  So we spent the day together and then got ready for the concert. 

Of course Ivar shows up, I tell him to go away, Ingrit went with him, she seems a bit boy crazy. So we go to the concerts. Ormarr finally shows up. he ws just laying low. his band rocks.. also ivar apparently disabled a bomb at some point and just gave it to Ingrit. so then we all get to the plane.. is was Adera's dad's private plane. i make sure Ormarr is relaxed.

Poor guy, between hi and mom I dont think they encounter a lot of people who genuinely want to be nice to them. well we are about to land and Adera has let me just the cutest outfit. I will write more later. 




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