Scion: Times Like These

I'm in London!

But Ivar needs to stop Stalking me

So I am in London!  I can't believe it.  I went to the Concert and Ormarr finally did show up, I went with him and Adera To london.  Ingrid Came too the plane right was nice and restful.

Once we got there Ormarr took me out for dinner and dancing and we had such a lovely time.  We had an even better after party if you catch my meaning but apparently there is a thing about me.  Mom is a love goddess, so apparently there are some… quirks to being the child of a love goddess. 

Anyway the next day Adera, Ingrit and i went out for some shopping and dinner.  and then we went and and met London.  she was very pretty but unlike everyone before her.. George in the elevator, and Danica the receptionist i might have made a lesbian… she didn't seem enthralled by me. she seemed rather annoyed by us being there but when i offered to trade her for my things she seemed game and gave me her address.

Then it was off to the address and where i met Miss Bryne. she seemed like a mess. I told her who i was, she said she would teach me how to use my powers and that was all…

… then the asshole showed up… again. Seriously I am not amused by this anymore. He is stalking my internationally now and still seems to take pleasure in pissing me off… this just CAN'T be my reward for becoming a Valkyrie. but even worse!  he had papers from Odin that said Bryne had to train me!!!  You know i don't like hand outs.. I wanted to earn the right to be her pupil. boy I layed into him. i made him take Ingrit and i to London and stick around in case.

But it turned i didn't need him.  Even if he found out they were dragons… I say they because London wanted me to take her brother  Kayne out who seems a bit of a shut in.  A very handsome shut in.  So i agree and i got to see them… London let me have my spear now and i get my Shield on completion of the date.  It's so pretty.  

So I left and Ivar of course had to be Ivar, Ingrit sent him away and now we're heading home.  I should also mention I might of accidently made Moira fall in love with me. she has been calling and texting and liking all my instagram.  Oops. I'll have to Ask Miss Bryne how to fix that. 





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