Avery Windsong

The Sinning Saint.


Avery is a gorgeous young woman. she has long golden blond hair and vibrant blue eyes. She has a curvy body, with very generous chest and round hips that sway with her every step. Avery Stands at 5’6 is 102 lbs and she usually dresses rather casually in shirts and skirts, short or jeans that flatter her body. She has a bubbly friendly personality and is always trying to help those around her, and is also known for her lovely singing voice.


For as long as Avery can remember it’s just been her and her Dad. He was a working electrician and so he worked a lot to keep the lights on, but still thru out her life she was happy. They would spend their evenings together after home work in their living room, he would teach her instruments and how to sing. It was a lovely life.

Her father Martin also taught her a few things about fixing electronics just so she would have a handy skill. She was always a happy child and never had a care in the world. It never bothered her the Mom was never in the picture, every now and again she would ask about her but she would quickly rescind the question as her father always looked so sad.

High school came, and she started to develop rapidly. She was constantly mistaken for a senior or when out and about a college girl. she was so pretty that many boys and some girls noticed her. She was never wanting for a social life, but thru it all she always found time for her Dad. He was her rock that she could talk about most anything with and would always be there with a smile, a song, and a pint of her favorite ice cream. That is until her sophomore year in college.

It was then she received a call that her father had suffered a heart attack and was in critical condition. She rushed to his side from her dorm and managed to make it in time. It was then and that; tearfully holding her hand, Martin told her that: “One day your mother would come and please don’t reject her.”

His last words were “You are going to be so important.”

That was 3 years ago.

Now at the age of 22, Avery has dropped out of college, she has taken up running her dad’s repair shop, and bar tends on the weekends at her local dive. some of the shine has left her smile but on the surface she still seems optimistic and always in good cheer. she inherited the house three story house (the insurance paid it off thankfully but it’s lonely in such a large place) and still has her old Mini to get around in, She is still the girl to get in contact with if are in a jam, she’s always willing to help.

Avery Windsong

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