She was out, now she's in.


currently she appears as a beautiful woman with blond hair to her ankles and dresses very much down to her appearance.


Rumors of her suicide after the death of her love Siegfried whom was stolen from her. She instead retired. and has lived all over more recently in London until Avery came into her life followed by Ivar with word from Odin to train Avery. So now.. she’s back… and she knows looming is the next holder of the ring of Andvari whom she will love despite herself.

Her relationship with Avery has not gone well. Once Odin toldher to train her she start to do everything she could to avoid it because of the likelyhood she would fall in love with and lose Avery.

It really escalated when she stole an arrow from Eros and hired someone to shoot Avery with it. Shortly there after Avery went to Freyja about it and after a long talk Brynhilr snuck out of her room and drank a potion of forgetfulness.

She no longer remembers what she did to avery, the last hundreds of years, or even Siegfried, she seems happier but sometimes the memories try to return and her eyes fog over. For now though she embraces her assignment and has accepted the conditions of returning to trqain and stay with Avery.


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