Goddess of Love, Fertility, and War. guide of the Dead.


Freyja is always a beautiful woman beyond anything most mortals can comprehend. Long reg hair and a gorgeous face. Depending on the situation she dresses in either in her armor with her Sheild and Spear, or in pretty dresses the accent her figure and her unearthly beauty.


Frejya is Avery’s long lost mother. She had plans for her daughter but wanted her to have as much of a normal life as she could, until Avery was kidnapped by the Loa scions. That changed everything and she had to act fast to get her daughter out of danger and in the process had to give Avery her Visitation. She was overjoyed to find that Avery, like her father had a very forgiving and loving heart and after a few very tense minutes was accepted with open arms by her daughter.


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