Skale Sifson

Very Interesting.... But Stupid


The Term looks like a Viking applies to Skale. His is a ruggedly handsome and strong looking man with a chiseled Jaw and blond hair. He tends towards T-shirts and jeans.

That is until she had herself transformed where once was the manliest of viking is now the curviest of sexy blonde playmate who enjoys short shorts, tees and cowgirl hats.


Skale is a good hearted person but unfortunately isn’t very bright. Sometimes he can make things worse by talking before thinking. But he is loyal and will always have the back of his Friends.

After Avery said she would sleep with him if he were a pretty blond Skale had loki turn him into a girl which didn’t go well as he turned Skale into a preteen girl. She then asked Ingrid to have her mom Urd age her up before getting her reward.

Skale Sifson

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