Scion: Times Like These

The down side of being Divine
how to hurt the people you care about.

so a lot has happened.

So I starte to get a notion that things were going wrong when i couldn't get a hold of Moira, i thought she might have been coming to London but i put that out of my mind because i had my spear and i needed to go and train with Miss. Bryne and then i had to get ready for my date with Kayne.  Really everything was going well until Moira showed up at the resturant that we were eating at.  She seemed… really out of it but i told her i would see her later and sent her home and then messaged Ormarr that i needed to spend the night with Moira as i was worried about her, i was worried about him but he assured me he was okay…. something about his message back made me worry more so i Messaged Adera and Ingrid to let them know what was up.  I spent some more time with Kayne who was positively wonderful under the circumstances.

And then i got home and was greeted with Ormarr and Moira about to beat the hell out of each other. I told Ormarr to go with Adera and turned to yell at moira and then she just threw herself at my feet and started to cry and sob saing she couldn't live with out me and she needed me more then air and i was starting to get really freaked out. So i took her to the shower and washed her off and really she just seemed high when i touched her. and got real unresponsive.

At this point Ormarr was vomiting blood so i brought them both to bed with me and it was like they were sick with a fevor and everything.  So I called mom and got her voice mail, I called miss Bryne and thank god she came.  She said that because I'm the daughter of a love goddess some people… People who have not had luck in love might not beable to handle my love… i was hurting them and making them sick.. so i called London To get my shield and give her a heads up and then I checked into a hotel.

So the last couple of days i've just been training… Mom still hasn't called.  That's…. Vexing.  I need to have a talk with her about that, set some expectations between us.  I feel liek after a life time of her not being here, I'm entitle to expect an text back when i ask for help. 

Anyway Miss Bryne went on a Bender and I'm getting her together so we can head home where i can see my Sparky again! Hopefully i can figure out what to do about all this. 



I'm in London!
But Ivar needs to stop Stalking me

So I am in London!  I can't believe it.  I went to the Concert and Ormarr finally did show up, I went with him and Adera To london.  Ingrid Came too the plane right was nice and restful.

Once we got there Ormarr took me out for dinner and dancing and we had such a lovely time.  We had an even better after party if you catch my meaning but apparently there is a thing about me.  Mom is a love goddess, so apparently there are some… quirks to being the child of a love goddess. 

Anyway the next day Adera, Ingrit and i went out for some shopping and dinner.  and then we went and and met London.  she was very pretty but unlike everyone before her.. George in the elevator, and Danica the receptionist i might have made a lesbian… she didn't seem enthralled by me. she seemed rather annoyed by us being there but when i offered to trade her for my things she seemed game and gave me her address.

Then it was off to the address and where i met Miss Bryne. she seemed like a mess. I told her who i was, she said she would teach me how to use my powers and that was all…

… then the asshole showed up… again. Seriously I am not amused by this anymore. He is stalking my internationally now and still seems to take pleasure in pissing me off… this just CAN'T be my reward for becoming a Valkyrie. but even worse!  he had papers from Odin that said Bryne had to train me!!!  You know i don't like hand outs.. I wanted to earn the right to be her pupil. boy I layed into him. i made him take Ingrit and i to London and stick around in case.

But it turned i didn't need him.  Even if he found out they were dragons… I say they because London wanted me to take her brother  Kayne out who seems a bit of a shut in.  A very handsome shut in.  So i agree and i got to see them… London let me have my spear now and i get my Shield on completion of the date.  It's so pretty.  

So I left and Ivar of course had to be Ivar, Ingrit sent him away and now we're heading home.  I should also mention I might of accidently made Moira fall in love with me. she has been calling and texting and liking all my instagram.  Oops. I'll have to Ask Miss Bryne how to fix that. 




I'm Going to England!
talk about insanity

So, i went to go see Tom at  The Velvet Lounge. the place was really really shot up and those bitches left a fucking voodoo doll behind that looked like Ormarr. I told Tom I'd be taking some time off he said that's fine, he's hoping insurance will get things fixed.

I drive home and guess who's waiting?  Fucking IvarMom sent him to drop off a present which was a baby Valkryie mount!!! a huge wolf cub who is so sweet and adorible. I named him Sparky. so i decided to give Ivar a second chance and offered him coffee and talked with him. he really is just a vile and miserable person. the moment i mentioned Skale he had nothing nice to say so I told him he could leave.  then he started acting like a complete douche told me i could find Ormarr at his band's sold out concert, and gave me a ticket but said next time I'll have to ask nice.  

so I called mom and told him to stop sending him and that's when i found out about the edda. I don't give a fuck what prophecy says I'm going to fall in love, Ivar would have to change dramatically for that to even be a possibility. He talks down to me and acts as if It will happen regardless of how much of a dick he will act. I'd rather be heart broken.

So then Skale showed up looking for a place to stay. so Of course i let him, but you know.. make him do chores.  No lay abouts in dad's house. He was good about it… but then as we're talking he just straights offers to comfort me in bed.  so yeah he blew that chance.

But then I tell him about the concert so he gets himself a ticket and i go with him to meet his Ex and lead singer of Busy Subconscious.  So that's when i meet Adera and Moira. Long story short I tell them about the what happened and they work on making a truce… Well Adera handled the truce. Moira slept with me… or lord she was all curves and muscles and red hair and accents… melt me right now.

So i take her to band practice the next day and then go run errands with Skale and Sparky. We came across The Blonde Schoolgirl she didn't seem to recognize me so i didn't push it.  So we go home and that's when Ingrid shows up looking for her brother Ormarr. Also i found out after visiting mom she's suppose get me my weapons.  she says it's because It's in England but she seems like a Lay about.  So we spent the day together and then got ready for the concert. 

Of course Ivar shows up, I tell him to go away, Ingrit went with him, she seems a bit boy crazy. So we go to the concerts. Ormarr finally shows up. he ws just laying low. his band rocks.. also ivar apparently disabled a bomb at some point and just gave it to Ingrit. so then we all get to the plane.. is was Adera's dad's private plane. i make sure Ormarr is relaxed.

Poor guy, between hi and mom I dont think they encounter a lot of people who genuinely want to be nice to them. well we are about to land and Adera has let me just the cutest outfit. I will write more later. 



I met my mom today
The rest of the day sucked

Dear Journal

So today started off normal. I worked at  the shop nothing really crazy to report jus tthe usual repairs and shooting the shit with the techs, and then Tom called to see if I could pick up a a shift at  the bar.  So you know me.. try to keep busy I say yes.  

My new favorite regular Ormarr shows up.  Turns out Mr. White Linen night is a music manager… well that's what he said but now i think otherwise… we'll get to that.  Anyway we start talking and i finally manage to give him my number.  Things were going good too i thought we were going to go out, that is until close this Blonde Schoolgirl and Creole Woman come in.  The schoolgirl said she was looking for her Daddy and show me a picture of Ormarr who was taking a call in the bathroom. So i ask them to stay there and ask Ormarr about it but then they pull guns and hold up the bar!!!

I'm not entirely sure what happened next except that Ormarr's friend Skale shows up and a fire fight broke out. I got shot in the thigh!!! i tried to call the police.. i can't remember if I got thru but the next bit is a blur.

I remember coming too tied up in a warehouse with Skale and the Creole woman saying that she had made a deal with my mom to get me.  MY MOM!  Skale ket saying things to make it worse and then before i knew it there was this Guy in a suit giving over a briefcase and carrying me to a limo.  He would have been cute had i not been so scared out of my mind and he weren't such a raging ass hole!  He told me he would take me home but he took me… somewhere else.

At this point i was pretty done and had been crying for like three hours straight.  He kept insisting that i needed to see my mom or something, and despite the fact i was begging him to just take me home this jackoff put me in a bag and carried me off.  I heard a voice.. i guess it was mom, tell him to put me down. the moment i was out of the bag I slapped him as hard as I could. He seemed amused by it all.

Thankfully he left and that's when i finally got to meet her.  My  Mom or as i found out… the Goddess Frejya!  I told her everything I had been holding in for the last three years, and after that was done i hugged her.  She was so pretty and being in her arms was just like when dad would hug me. She told me all about being her daughter and being well.. not quite a Demi-goddess but on that road.

We ate and visited.. she gave me this gorgeous dress and asked me what i wanted to do with my power.  I told her i wanted to be just like her, A Valkriye.  i know.. me a valkryie, i have trouble with the electric can opener but that was before!  

She gave me a rune so i could return as often as I wanted too and her number to call her and sent me alone with Shadow (she wanted Ivar to take me back but i didn't want to go with that jerk)  I go to see what it was like driving on the Bi-frost on Shadow's Motorcycle!  is was so awesome!  Shadows dropped me off at home and asked me to smooth over the stuff at the bar, so I'm heading out to deal with that.

I haven't even slept but oddly I'm not even the slightest bit tired.  I think I also got hotter.. I'll will check that out more when i have the time.



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