Tag: Dodekatheon


  • Adera Dickenson

    Adera is the lead singer of Busy Subconscious and the daughter of Aphrodite. She used to date [[:skale-sifson | Skale]] they apparently broke up on good terms. She is very friendly towards [[:avery | Avery]] and wants to make sure [[:the-creole-woman | …

  • Maximilian Galatas

    Max was the one who attacked [[:avery | Avery]] and [[:ivar | Ivar]] with [[:the-creole-woman | Marie]] with Zombies. Avery used her overt order to make him leave and killed Marie in his absence. Since then he was hiding from Avery, using [[:gavin | …

  • Chase Bartel

    [[:avery | Avery]] met chase, trying to find a way to track [[:luke-harper | Harper]] when she discovered he had her blood. Chase invited her back to meet her wife.