Tag: Freyja Kin


  • Avery Windsong

    For as long as Avery can remember it's just been her and her Dad. He was a working electrician and so he worked a lot to keep the lights on, but still thru out her life she was happy. They would spend their evenings together after home work in their …

  • Frejya

    Frejya is Avery's long lost mother. She had plans for her daughter but wanted her to have as much of a normal life as she could, until Avery was kidnapped by the Loa scions. That changed everything and she had to act fast to get her daughter out of …

  • Eric Freyjason

    [[:avery | Avery]] Met her brother in her mom's hall waiting for her. they have a lot in common it seems but she's only spoken with him once.

  • Brenna Frigard

    Brenna is [[:avery | Avery]] and [[:eric-freyjason | Eric's]] Sister and a daughter of [[:frejya | Frejya]]. She seems to skate by on her looks doing very little or nothing. She seemed very passive aggressive when meeting Avery, as it was during her …