Tag: Scion


  • Avery Windsong

    For as long as Avery can remember it's just been her and her Dad. He was a working electrician and so he worked a lot to keep the lights on, but still thru out her life she was happy. They would spend their evenings together after home work in their …

  • Shadow

    Shadow was 'born on a Wednesday ' as the term is coined. Meaning that he is one of Odin's children. He helps Get [[:avery | Avery]] Home after she is brought to Asgaurd to meet Freyja.

  • Ivar

    Ivar was "Born on a Tuesday" meaning he is one of Tyr's kids. All that's known about him is that he owes Freyja. He seems very straight forward and business in all that he does.

  • Skale Sifson

    Skale is a good hearted person but unfortunately isn't very bright. Sometimes he can make things worse by talking before thinking. But he is loyal and will always have the back of his Friends. After [[:avery | Avery]] said she would sleep with him if …

  • Ormarr Asliefir

    Ormarr is Loki spawn. which means from the moment of his Visitation he had a target on his back. He tries his best to not be bitter about it but it's difficult when everywhere you go your hated and hunted.

  • Marie Cueillette

    The Creole woman and her accomplise were looking for [[:ormarr-asliefir | Ormarr]] when they shot up [[The Velvet Lounge | The Velvet Lounge]] and Kidnapped [[:skale-sifson | Skale]] and Avery. She held up both of their parents for an unknown Ransom.

  • The Blonde Schoolgirl

    She was with [[:the-creole-woman | The Creole Woman]] when they were hunting for her[[:ormarr-asliefir | "Daddy"]] and shot up [[The Velvet Lounge | The Velvet Lounge]] It's assumed she was in on Kidnapping and ransoming [[:avery | Avery ]] and [[:skale- …

  • Adera Dickenson

    Adera is the lead singer of Busy Subconscious and the daughter of Aphrodite. She used to date [[:skale-sifson | Skale]] they apparently broke up on good terms. She is very friendly towards [[:avery | Avery]] and wants to make sure [[:the-creole-woman | …

  • Eric Freyjason

    [[:avery | Avery]] Met her brother in her mom's hall waiting for her. they have a lot in common it seems but she's only spoken with him once.