Tag: Wyatt Family


  • Sister Abigail

    she is the Matriarch of the Wyatt Family and foresaw Avery in the Swamp. She gave Avery the means to deal with Marie thou it seems that wasn't permanent.

  • Bray Wyatt

    He is [[:sister-abigail | Sister Abigail's]] Brother? Lover? Scoin? it's not really known but he follows her without question or fail and keeps the others in line.

  • Luke Harper

    Luke was the one that was sent to bring[[:avery | Avery]] to [[:sister-abigail | Abigail]]. He seems, like many to have an infatuation with the Hero of love.

  • Erick Rowan

    Erick is the quiet one and more the muscle of the group and that is saying something. He seemed to breifly Tussel with Luke over returning Avery to where she was training in the swamp