Scion: Times Like These

The down side of being Divine

how to hurt the people you care about.

so a lot has happened.

So I starte to get a notion that things were going wrong when i couldn't get a hold of Moira, i thought she might have been coming to London but i put that out of my mind because i had my spear and i needed to go and train with Miss. Bryne and then i had to get ready for my date with Kayne.  Really everything was going well until Moira showed up at the resturant that we were eating at.  She seemed… really out of it but i told her i would see her later and sent her home and then messaged Ormarr that i needed to spend the night with Moira as i was worried about her, i was worried about him but he assured me he was okay…. something about his message back made me worry more so i Messaged Adera and Ingrid to let them know what was up.  I spent some more time with Kayne who was positively wonderful under the circumstances.

And then i got home and was greeted with Ormarr and Moira about to beat the hell out of each other. I told Ormarr to go with Adera and turned to yell at moira and then she just threw herself at my feet and started to cry and sob saing she couldn't live with out me and she needed me more then air and i was starting to get really freaked out. So i took her to the shower and washed her off and really she just seemed high when i touched her. and got real unresponsive.

At this point Ormarr was vomiting blood so i brought them both to bed with me and it was like they were sick with a fevor and everything.  So I called mom and got her voice mail, I called miss Bryne and thank god she came.  She said that because I'm the daughter of a love goddess some people… People who have not had luck in love might not beable to handle my love… i was hurting them and making them sick.. so i called London To get my shield and give her a heads up and then I checked into a hotel.

So the last couple of days i've just been training… Mom still hasn't called.  That's…. Vexing.  I need to have a talk with her about that, set some expectations between us.  I feel liek after a life time of her not being here, I'm entitle to expect an text back when i ask for help. 

Anyway Miss Bryne went on a Bender and I'm getting her together so we can head home where i can see my Sparky again! Hopefully i can figure out what to do about all this. 




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