Amy Hagan

She leads and Serves without fail


Amy is a gorgeous Platinum blond that dresses in casually when not with her weapons and armor. Simple things tend to be her style and is the eldest of her group at 23.


Amy was chosen by Sif herself to train and lead a group of Shield maidens since a young age. From the age of 6 she and the girls around her have been training until now when Sif gifted her group to Avery a scion of Freyja and one that aspires to be a Valkryie. Such things are unusual but it was both a request of Frejya herself and Sif granted it as Avery has taken in Sif’s Son Skale and is endeavoring to teach Skale how to function on Earth. If anything just the fact Avery is willing to allow Skale to stay in her home was enough of a kindness.

She is fiercely loyal to her benefactor as Avery has finally given her and her group purpose not to mention a chance to prove herself. Being given to a Scion so young is a way to become your own clan of Maidens and earn honor and prestige among the other clans.

She tends to play the part of Mother Hen to the others, who tease but ultimately listen to her. She also wishes to act as the Right hand of Avery in all her endeavors for the opportunity that this has given her to make a name for herself and group.

Amy Hagan

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