Barbara "Babs" Friis

Life's a party so Start a riot


Babs is a gorgous girl with Long Lavender hair. She dresses provacatively and her style wildly varies depending on her activities and goals.


Babs is perhaps the most excited for the assignment. She lives her life to the fullest. She embraces her warrior life with complete exuberance and of the five tends to be the most unrestrained.

She wants to experiance everything she can which is why she dyed her hair purple, has had many lovers since the age of 17. She revels in the Wine, women and song aspects of being a warrior. At times Amy, Luna, or Trish have to reign her in but that’s only because they don’t get it. Death could come to morrow so live with no regrets, with an open heart, a full flask, and a song in he heart.

This attitude thou does not come into interference with her duties which she takes just as seriously as her lifestyle. Battle and Clan are life the rest is just fun,

Barbara "Babs" Friis

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