Trish Olsen

Combat Nurse


Trish is a beautiful woman with light brown hair and eyes. she dresses more conservatively then her Sheild Sisters but only just so.


Trish is the most pragmatic of the group. while the others are over the moon that finally they have a purpose She feels slightly different. Being also the Medic of the group; She understand that this is where the risk begins for them. She understands this in a way that Amy and Luna ignore, and Rory and Babs seem oblivious too. She does not question the will of her Goddess or Avery’s mothers.

This isn’t animosity but Trish is a natural care giver and while Amy mothers the group Trish is the one that makes sure their needs are met. Given that she is happy to finally be given a purpose and only hopes that Avery will come to love their group like she was one of them.

Trish Olsen

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